About resilience - 이욱진 변호사 컬럼

2020년 3월 27일 업데이트됨

We live in uncertain times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption throughout the world, and New Zealand has not been lucky enough to escape it. Given the recent developments including the escalation of the COVID-19 alert system to Level 4 with effect on 25 March 2020, we will move into self-isolation as a nation, resulting in the entire economy largely shutting down for the next four weeks.

The Government’s announcements have already caused a lot of angst and anxiety amongst our population, none more so than within the Korean community (as we have been more alive to the risk of a COVID-19 pandemic than others due to Korea’s experience in combatting the spread of the virus). Panic has taken hold of this country in a way never seen before. When I was approached to contribute a column for Weekly Korea a few weeks ago, I agreed to draft a piece with messages of encouragement for young Koreans - particularly those that are concerned about their employability. Given the recent events, however, I would like to recalibrate this article into one that emphasises the need for resilience.